​Microwave Speakers

“Novel concept of exceptional point of degeneracy for oscillators and other devices" by Dr. Filippo Capolino, UCI

“GaN Power MMICs – Fact and
Fiction” by Dr. Charles Campbell, QORVO

“Anisotropic, Nonlinear, and
Active Impedance Surfaces” by
Dr. Daniel Sievenpiper, UCSD

“Terahertz lasers based upon
metamaterial concepts” by
Dr. Benjamin Williams, UCLA

“5G candidate technologies and
how to future-proof your RF
designs” by Dr. Gent Paparisto,
National Instruments

The 2016 CLASTECH Symposium and Exhibition will include technical sessions, a poster session, and tabletop exhibits.   A buffet lunch will be provided.  To get the ½ price fee ($20), register on-line and ensure that you get lunch, please register before October 20.  Onsite registration will be $40.  Parking has been negotiated to $5 vs. the normal $30.
Click here to register or contact c.jackson@ieee.org for more information.  See the technical program flyer.   If you are an exhibitor, see instructions to exhibitors.

Marking its 10th year anniversary in 2016, CLASTECH is a technical symposium held yearly highlighting recent developments in RF and microwave technologies as a joint effort by the local chapters of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) and the Antennas and Propagation Society (APS).  The event will have a new venue for 2016, The LAX Marriott on Friday, October 28, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Dual technical and one industry tracks are presented.  The technical tracks are focused on technology for each of the two chapters, one on antennas and the other on RF/microwave.  The industry track is more broad covering current technical capabilities of the companies presenting.  Presenters are drawn from all areas of the globe: from the technology rich LA Basin to the far reaches of friendly international  tech centers.

A table-top technical exhibition including leading OEM's, local representative firms, and distributors surrounds the banquet tables where lunch and refreshments are served.  This venue and arrangement provides attendees a great way to get the latest technical updates as well as an opportunity to network among their peers.



Los angeles Section

Technical symposium


“ANSYS HFSS Simulation of
Medical Emergency Drone” by
Markus Kopp, ANSYS/HFSS

“Multi-scale Periodic Structure
Design in 3D EM Software” by
Enow Tanjong, CST

“Navigation Sensors and
Systems in GNSS Degraded and
Denied Environments” by
Dr. George T. Schmidt, AESS
Distinguished Lecturer

“Integrated CAD of Reflector
Antennas and Feed Networks
using Hybrid EM Methods” by
Dr. Ralf Ihmels, Mician​

Antenna Speakers

"Horn and Reflector Design from
Down Under", by Dr. Christophe
Granet, Lyrebird Antenna
Research Pty Ltd., (Australia)

“Ultra-high Efficiency Planar
Phased Arrays for Satellite
Communications” by Dr. Karl
Warnick, Brigham Young

“Periodic Structures in Modern Electromagnetic and Antenna Applications: FSS, EBG, Reflectarrays and Nano-Pillars,” by Dr. Yahya Rahmat-Samii, UCLA

"Smart antennas for broadband
satellite communications", by
Dr. Steven Gao, University of Kent

"RF Modeling of Instrument
Antennas for Flight Projects: from
Initial Concept to on Orbit
Validation", by Dr. Paolo Focardi, JPL

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